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Soft foam

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The flexible polyurethane foam is designed to meet very specific requirements. This is a material composed of open cells which give it flexibility.

This type of polyurethane is widely used for making packaging parts for their quality comfort for seating and for their sound insulation property in motor vehicles by overmolding aprons and floor mats.

Unlike flexible integral skin foams , the parts produced do not exhibit a surface skin , but merely a small film obtained by contact with the mold during foaming . It is possible to make parts of different thicknesses without difficulties.

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Physical properties:

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The injected foam density of 80-150 Kg / m3. This can vary depending on application and conditions of implementation.

The flexible polyurethane is widely used for the production of packaging items of all sizes and shapes .

Application areas :
shapeimage_2Automotive, Armament, packaging , insulation , protection , rigging , upholstery , comfort element .