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Microcellular compact foam (RIM)

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The microcellular compact polyurethane (RIM) is intended to allow an economic production of moldings . This rigid material offers significant advantages .

It is particularly suited to the manufacture of large components ensuring good mechanical , thermal and chemical :

– Great freedom in the design of forms,
– Multiple variants of design and structure,
– High level of profitability,
– High impact resistance,
– Ability to obtain a flame-retardant quality according to UL Subj.94 (VO 5V.,


Application examples :
– Seat structure : Strength , lower cost of implementation than other techniques for small and medium series .
– Acoustic cladding , protection, aesthetics.
– Box.
– Car Seat Carter: interesting for small series , resistance, material quality .
– Machine Carter.
– Acoustic Enclosure.
– Foot stool made of polyurethane elastomer, Flexibility , strength , good aging.

The microcellular polyurethane compact is perfectly suited to the manufacture of medium-sized pieces and small series . It serves in particular to make cowlings.


Application areas :
Automotive, Office , Computer , Medical, Boating, Cowling , Insulation, advertising stand .